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Take control of your AI's context

Revolutionize your AI interactions with precision. Context Note empowers you to steer the dialogue with your AI. No more misunderstandings or repetitive explanations. Unlock the unparalleled efficiency of full context control. With Context Note, you're crafting conversation to get the best out of AIs like ChatGPT

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Welcome To Context Note
What It Does

How does it help you?

AI assistants make your life easier, but did you know that you can take control of their memory? AI assistant memory management is the key to maximizing the potential of generative AI

Context Note is an AI conversation editor, as well as text, code and markdown editor that helps you get the most out of AI assistants like ChatGPT, while working alongside your favorite editors


Work locally and only share data with the AI assistant. We don't send data to 3rd parties other than the AI of your choice. Your conversations are not stored in the cloud unless you opt in

Tailored Conversations

Customize each interaction with your AI. The text editor lets you craft and modify the context on a message-by-message basis, ensuring the AI understands exactly what you mean.

Intelligent Context Management

Keep the flow of your AI conversations accurate. Assign who said what—user or AI—to maintain clarity. No more confusion, just a seamless dialogue that builds on each message intelligently.

Context Note Features

Modern Text Editing With AI Assistance

Edit text and view as markdown or code syntax highlighting, while working with your favourite tools like Visual Studio Code or Sublime Text

Control the Context

Rewrite the conversation history and specify who said what

Specify Message Ordering

Tell the AI which order the messages appear in

Choose The Model

Choose any ChatGPT model, even in the middle of a conversation

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Specify Style Samples

Give the assistant samples of your writing or code to model you


No usage charges other than what you use with your own API key

ChatGPT Context Control

Get the most out of ChatGPT and its many models

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Editing Features

Work Locally

Integrates with your existing tools like Visual Studio Code or Sublime Text to write text, to edit markdown or to edit code

Syntax Highlighting

Read text with syntax highlighting for your programming language or markup language like HTML

Minimalist Interface

Only what you need. Doesn't try to do the job of an IDE, but syncs with any text editor

Work With Version Control

Use your favorite version control system like git or Subversion

What Does It Cost?

Pricing plans

Pricing TBD. Editing files locally with basic functionality will probably remain free. Storing your context in the cloud will have tiers and this functionality will be added in future

This is Context Note


Simple design makes it easy to edit context for the AI without stopping you from using your favorite editor alongside

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The initial version is on Apple Test Flight and Windows by installer package. Reach out to Christian in the contact section to become a beta tester

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